Friday, 17 June 2011

Scandal & Disaster for a former Police Officer

William Jordon UNWIN had been born in London in the early 1880s and at the age of 20 he joined the Metropolitan Police. A couple of years later volunteers were needed to serve in the Hong Kong Police and W.J. took up the challenge. Shortly after arriving he found that the European Rank & File were waging battle with the government for higher pay. He put his name to the petition. There are indications that W.J. served with both the Water Police and at the Supreme Court. After a few years life outside of the Police seemed to be a more attractive proposition and he transferred to the Hong Kong Land Office as a Bailiff.

Talking of more attractive propositions poor W.J. took a shine to the wife of Mr. Clarke who worked in the Import and Export Department – or perhaps she took a shine to him. Things went from bad to worse in September 1913 because W.J. fled the Colony with Mrs. Clarke in tow !!!

Quite what happened on his return is unclear but what is known is that he stayed with his brother in Kennington and spun some yarn about suffering from malaria and being sent home on sick leave.

The cold, dark month of January 1914 proved too much for W.J. and one night he travelled to Epsom Common and shot himself. The press reported that he had once served at Epsom as a Constable. The inquest returned a verdict of suicide.

If you want to trace the Metropolitan Police Service record of this officer you will find it at The National Archives.

If you want to trace his career in Hong Kong these records will also be found at The National Archives.

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